Advertising on Public Transport

Bright way to get high coverage

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Advertising on Public Transport

Transport is a way not only to attract an audience with bright advertising, but also to create a significant coverage of various age and social groups of consumers. According to numerous studies, advertising on transport shows a high level of recognition and memorization. It comes into the view of pedestrians, passengers, drivers, and, therefore, in the potential audience.

Not to notice advertising on the bus, which is approaching, is impossible. Therefore, such advertising is dynamic and is issued taking into account the need to quickly see the necessary information.

If you want to tell a lot of people about your service, promotion or company, the use of this promotion tool will be effective. After all, advertising on transport is noticeable, easily perceived and not annoying.

The benefits of advertising on transport

In addition to the fact that your entire city and even the country can see your advertisement, we highlight a few more advantages:

· Wide segmented audience coverage (51% women, 49% men)

· Low cost advertising contact

· Opportunities for creativity

· A variety of ad formats

· High frequency of advertising contact: 110 thousand people per day, from 10 to 30 minutes

· Outdoor advertising of hard-to-reach areas in large cities

· Covering up to 95% of the mass audience in the city

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Advertising on Public Transport

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