Production Photozone

Making photo zones to order

79% of Ukrainians use social networks

And due to the fact that users tend to share their impressions of visiting certain places with their friends, the creation of interesting photo zones becomes one of the most effective tools for promoting a brand. The team of the advertising agency NADRO is creating photo zones to order in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.
First of all, working with the client, we define the goal and mission of the photo zone created, coordinate the terms of its use. This is a decisive factor in production, it depends on what materials will be used, their quantity and, accordingly, the price of creation.
Making photo zones to order
We make all the elements and accessories for the photo zone under the order, according to the terms of reference, in which you specify the desired dimensions, shape, subject of execution, etc.

The most comfortable order option in our company is a turnkey photo zone. You just tell us the requirements, and we take all the hassle on ourselves, we offer you original options and solutions based on our experience. This formundefined The work involves the creation of an integrated project based on the existing site and the subject of the event.

 Advantages of photo zones

 Previously, photozones met exclusively on private holidays, but today they are an integral part of advertising campaigns and corporate events. Bright and original designs will create a festive atmosphere, entertain guests, provide an excellent background for photo shoots and leave colorful photos to the memory of the event. If desired, a unique hashtag can be placed on the photo zone, using which you can track all the pictures taken at your event.

 When conducting a promotion, it would be a great idea to invite guests to take a picture against the background of the design, put it in a social network and get a gift for it. So people will promote your product and brand without even knowing it.

 Other advantages of a photozone:

  •  attractiveness
  •  universality
  •  mobility
  •  reusability

 The photo zone on the promotional location will create undefined pleasant atmosphere, and will increase loyalty to your brand among potential buyers. Placing the structure will be a great contribution to business development, which will bring you dividends in the form of new customers and profits. undefined