Production of constructions

Advertising agency JADRO specializes in the development and production of advertising structures for any business areas.

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Production of advertising Constructions

Advertising Constructions - one of the most effective marketing tools. Signs, light boxes, three-dimensional letters are used to design the roofs, facades of buildings and many other places.

How is the work in ЯДRO

  • Design layouts and design. Making an outdoor advertising structure always begins with the elaboration of the main idea. When developing the layout, our specialists take into account the goal, the specifics of the corporate identity of the products or services of the customer, the budget and the place where the advertisement will be placed. After approval by the customer of the design, we begin preparations for the production of promotional material.
  • Manufacturing. Next, our experts begin to create signs, boxes, extensions and so on. Compliance with the standards in accordance with which production should be carried out for us as a matter of priority.
  • Installation. After the advertising structures are made, we proceed to the final stage: we transport the products to the required place, install the structures on metal frames, shields, and so on. If the ad will be placed at a high altitude, the company uses the services of industrial climbers.