Non-Standard metro ads

Custom metro advertising is a powerful tool for influencing a wide audience of various segments.

The full-cycle advertising agency NUCLEAR offers placement of the following types of non-standard advertising:

  • branding of stations and transitions;
  • flags at stations of column type.

Branding stations and transitions. This is a highly effective type of placement of advertising materials, contributing to an increase in demand for promoted goods and services. In addition, this type of placement is the best way to inform about upcoming events, promotions, effective in promoting a new brand.

Flags at column-type stations. From other designs, flags distinguish primarily by their location, as well as their spectacular appearance. The vertical banner is located on the column, thus being in the visibility range of all passengers.

Advantages of placing non-standard types of advertising:

  • qualitative impact on human perception;
  • increasing customer loyalty;
  • non-intrusiveness;
  • grandiose audience reach.

Why exactly non-standard advertising?

According to the research unit of Aegis Insight Ukraine:

  • 95% of participants positively perceive this typeundefined advertising;
  • 75% of participants noticed a copy of the advertising message;
  • 75% of participants agreed to buy promoted promotional items.

The full-cycle advertising agency YADRO offers placement of non-standard advertising in the subways of Kiev and Kharkov. undefined