Advertising at metro stations

About 3.5 million people of Kiev daily face advertisements in the subway while traveling to work or study

Advertising at subway stations is one of the most effective tools to attract attention to your brand. About 3.5 million people in Kiev daily encounter advertisements in the subway while traveling to work or study. Moreover, 95% of passengers are interested in advertising posters in the subway, 80% of whom are contacted through contacts they learned through the advertisements.

Metro Advertising

Before you plan to advertise in the metro of Kharkov or Kiev, you need to develop an ad design and determine the location. The full-cycle advertising agency YADRO specializes not only in the direct placement of advertising materials, but also in all previous stages of the advertising campaign.

Types of advertising at metro stations:

  • Advertising over escalators. Information is located on the walls of the subway along the line of escalator vaults. The large size of the posters and the proximity to the passenger contribute to the easy perception of advertisingundefined images.
  • Metrolytes. Metrolights - light structures that are placed along the entire length of the escalator. Possible two-sided placement allows you to see information from two sides, and the backlight guarantees the maximum effect.
  • Advertising on travel walls. The advertising plot is located opposite the platform. Large-sized ads effectively attract the attention of the audience, and thanks to a long contact (passengers expect an average train arrival of 2-5 minutes), potential customers will remember your offer well.
  • Projection on the track wall. Placing videos using projectors on the walls of stations looks fresh and original.
  • Floor, wall graphics in the subway. This type of media is used at stations where there are few or no advertising media.
  • Branding of cars. One of the most effective types of outdoor advertising. This is a great opportunity to tell potential customers about your product, increase brand awareness and improve the overall brand image. undefined The Kiev metro trains daily carry tens and even hundreds of thousands of people who can become your customers.

 Our advertising agency offers you the development and placement of advertising materials at metro stations, which will certainly increase interest in your brand. Leave your request on the site and we will call you back. undefined