Advertising on Buses

The cost of contact with the audience is quite low compared to other advertising tools.

Advertising on the bus is a popular tool in promoting a brand, product or service, and is considered an effective tool that creates awareness

Bus advertising is suitable for any business that has a goal to reach a large audience and attract new customers. How? Advertising on public transport, namely the bus, with the help of advertising media will tell about you and your services, promotions and special offers.
Public transport such as a bus is a great opportunity to find a strategically advantageous route and attract the attention of the target audience.

The advantages of advertising on buses
- a large branching of public transport makes it possible to advertise both locally and throughout the city
- A large area for advertising creativity can be brightly beaten. Such a creative is well remembered and causes positive emotions among the audience.
- the ability to simultaneously work out different segments of the population, regardless of age, gender and financial condition
- the cost of contact with the audience is quite low compared to other advertising tools
- repeated exposure to advertisingundefined messages not only to passengers, but also to pedestrians, and drivers of other vehicles

 Types of advertising on buses
 Branding bus. One of the most vivid and large-scale ways to talk about your company or offer is to put an image on the board of a bus. Basically, this method is used for image advertising campaign. In the design, you can beat the entire bus, a certain part of the board or the windows - this will be remembered for a long time by the target audience. Using our services, you can order full external branding and partial branding of the tailgate.
 Posters on buses. The duration of the trip in public transport can be different and during it the passenger pays attention to everything inside the cabin. Therefore, placing advertising images on the windows and interior walls of the bus will be an effective solution. We can offer you to place inside the salon advertising posters of A3 and A4 format, as well as banner streamers. undefined