POS materials are a highly effective and at the same time low-budget marketing promotion tool.

POS materials are designed to draw attention to the brand and improve the efficiency of promoting its services / products.

Standard POS Placements
In the shop windows of outlets. Here, advertising can organically fit into the overall picture of the presentation of the goods. It can be self-bonding films, applications, etc.
In stores and supermarkets. Materials can be located, both in the territory of trading floors, and near cash desks. Effectively work stickers, stands with advertising, price tags and more.
In public places, office centers, shopping centers, sports and entertainment complexes. Advertising can be placed in the form of stickers, show boxes, mobiles.
Placement of POS-materials should be as thoughtful as possible. Determine exactly how and why you are going to conduct an advertising campaign, taking into account the brand presentation structure and the ability to quickly replace “non-performing materials” with more effective ones if the need arises.
The advantages of POS-materials
High efficiency. One minute separates the potential buyer from the decision to purchase one or anotherundefined product after contact with the promotional offer.
 The possibility of placing in the immediate point of sale (or service). This type of advertising information works as purposefully as possible.
 Competitiveness. You not only encourage the client to buy your product here and now, but also noticeably distinguish it against the background of similar offers.
 Lack of “annoying factor”. POS-materials are not perceived by the audience as another persuasive advertisement. undefined