Car installation

Exposing a car in shopping malls

Statistics show that such an advertising tool is able to stimulate sales by more than 30%

Exposition or exhibition of automobiles is an effective marketing tool that increases the recognition of a brand, product or service due to direct direct contact of potential customers with the automobile.

Advantages of exhibiting a car in a shopping center:

  • attracting the attention of potential audience, 100% contact with potential buyers when exhibiting;
  • analysis of demand from potential customers: tangibility and walking distance to the car will help to identify the interest of the target audience.
  • the opportunity to conduct a test drive. An interactive video stand is located near your car, with the help of which everyone can get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the car and sign up for a test drive;
  • the opportunity to get a ready-made base of potential customers at the exit.
  • direct sales increase. Expanding the sales funnel at each stage, you will receive a customer ready for purchase, who will come to you already in the salon to arrange a car purchase.

Standardundefined exhibiting is accompanied by a test drive, consultation of car dealership representatives and distribution of brochures. However, the experts of the marketing agency YADRO have developed a unique software whose functions are able to familiarize the consumer with the capabilities and configurations as detailed as possible, thereby affecting further interest in the car.

 Statistics show that such an advertising tool is able to stimulate sales by more than 30%.

 This exposure format is a new way of communicating with car dealers and the target audience, which, thanks to the interactive format, allows you to engage a potential buyer and make him an active participant in the advertising process.

 And due to the fact that such tools as the largest shopping centers and international airports are in the YADRO arsenal, agency experts, after adapting the content to the client’s wishes, implement turnkey car placement in any of the selected locations. undefined