Scale for your ad campaign

A Media Wall is one of the largest ad formats that is used to maintain a company's image.

The Media Wall is one of the largest ad formats that is used to support the company's image. Advertising message is placed on the canvas of the shield, which is located on the wall of the building. Thanks to this, your brandmauer ad campaign will be noticeable and will be able to reach the maximum number of people. It can have a different area, because it all depends on the size of the building. But you will always have enough space to create a creative design on the surface of a building in any city of Ukraine. Non-standard design will provide you with informational support and make the maximum number of people pay attention.

  • Scale for your advertising campaign
  • good visibility from afar
  • unlimited possibilities for creating a creative and memorable static image
  • high rate of viewing information by potential customers
  • low cost interaction with advertising