Metro advertising

Large selection of advertising surfaces with good visibility

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Metro advertising

Metro advertising is useful when you need to influence a wide range of consumers. It is ideal for providing information about products and advertising services. Going down in the subway, a person involuntarily looks through the ads and remembers them.

The advantages of advertising in the subway

  • the ability to reach the maximum amount of audience in a short time;
  • wide target audience;
  • a large selection of advertising surfaces with good visibility;
  • unobtrusive and easy perception;
  • the duration of the advertising contact;
  • low cost per ad contact;
  • territorial and targeted audience targeting.

Types of advertising in the subway.

  • Posters on escalator vaults and track walls. This is one of the largest types of advertising in the subway. Creative posters, 3 by 2 meters in size, are well visible from anywhere on the platform and allow you to place maximum information. This type of advertising at metro stations is great for promoting places near the metro station.
  • Posters inside the cars. This type of advertising is possible in the format of stickers and posters. This placement is ideal for increasing the reach of consumer groups. And thanks to the long contact time, the consumer remembers the advertising proposal and easily perceives the information located on it.
  • Video clip inside the train. This marketing tool combines all the benefits of Outdoor and television advertising. It is recommended for the promotion of any goods and services, the announcement of events, concerts and exhibitions. It is possible to separate advertisements by train carriages and evenundefined Choose specific advertising spots in each car.
  • Branding of trains. One of the most effective types of outdoor advertising. This is a great opportunity to tell potential customers about your product, increase brand awareness and improve the overall brand image. The Kiev metro trains daily carry tens and even hundreds of thousands of people who can become your customers.
  • Branding stations and transitions. Such advertising is unique in that it makes the consumer involved in the emotional load of the advertising message indoors. The prices for branding conversions are much lower than for stations. undefined

Placement of an advertising campaign for the Dream shopping center in the metro, Kyiv01


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