Outdoor advertising

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Outdoor advertising

· Large audience - the size and composition of the audience is constantly changing, which allows you to reach the most diverse audience;

· Memorability - at a conscious and subconscious level;

· The possibilities of the original filing (lighting effects, volumetric installations);

· With proper placement - low cost of contact with a potential client;

· Visibility - this type of advertising is attractive to the audience due to the large size of the structures and original plots.

Using outdoor sports, it is necessary to understand that for its effectiveness it is necessary to take into account several factors:
№1. People not only look at the picture, but also read it. Therefore, your advertising message must be visually beautiful and have a memorable text.
№2. Place and period of placement of outdoor advertising are also important. In order for the advertisement to show the result, it is necessary to choose the advertising platform, district and city, where there will be maximum contact with your audience. What will the NUCLEO team help you with?

Types of outdoor advertising

Billboards - one of the most common types of outdoor advertising. These are shields that stand along the road, and their main advantage is the large format, which is noticeable from a distance and readable even at speed.
Citylights - glowing alternative to billboards. Citylights have a two-sided format for placing your advertisement and are placed at the eye level of passers-by.
Firewalls - designs of huge sizes, which are placed on the walls of buildings. Its advantages are the same as for billboards, because such advertising is easy to see at a great distance.
Roof structures are an outdoor advertising format that is placed on the roofs of a building, and due to its large size, the logo or the name of the company are clearly visible from afar. And this effectively increases brand awareness.