Promotions - events and promotions whose purpose is to promote a particular product or service.

The main advantage of this marketing tool is its targeted focus on the target audience. Properly planned promotions effectively attract the attention of potential customers and buyers.

Most often, such shares are placed in direct sales points, contributing to increased profits and increased sales. Conducting promotions is most effective in shopping and entertainment centers. Promotions in the shopping center significantly increase the economic and financial performance of the business due to the individual approach to each client.

Benefits also include:

  • ease of perception;
  • wide field for creativity;
  • instant feedback from the audience, the opportunity "here and now" to evaluate the effectiveness of events;
  • suitable for companies of any size;
  • high efficiency, economic feasibility;
  • the ability to reach a wide segment of consumers;
  • the possibility of personal contact with the consumer.

Tasks solved by the promotion

  • introduction to the market of a new product / service;
  • increase sales of an existing product / service;
  • increase in product / brand recognition;
  • increase brand loyalty.

It is worth noting that the promoters and hostesses involved during the promotionundefined stocks - the personification of the sold product or service. It is important to select a responsible and active staff that will help maximize the boundaries of the brand in the eyes of the audience. The promoter should appeal to the target audience and inspire confidence in it.

Promotions will become an effective marketing tool for any industry whose target audience is the end customer: from clothing stores and food chains to incentive promotions on the Internet.

The YADRO advertising agency specializes in organizing various forms of conducting promotions: tastings, testing, presentations, samplings, distribution of leaflets / booklets, and counseling. undefined