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Promo Lipton in shopping malls

Promo Lipton in shopping malls


08/2019 - 09/2019


Kiev, shopping center Dream Town 1, Lavina Mall

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Recently, the British Embassy in Ukraine staged a grand celebration on the occasion of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II in the Kiev fortress. Among the invited guests was Lipton as the most historically close brand of classic English tea to the Royal Family. From the brand at the event, a thematic photo zone was established, near which all invited guests took photos. Now, together with Lipton, we transferred it to the largest shopping malls in Kiev so that all lovers of British culture could become part of this grand holiday and congratulate the Queen. And also our guests were given a unique opportunity to taste a new line of tea - Taste of London, which was launched specifically for the Queen’s holiday. This is an exclusive taste. It is not yet on store shelves or on the brand website. And for true connoisseurs of British culture, Lipton made it possible to win a cool prize for a photo in our photo zone!

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